With the Help of Friends

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We have all done it.  It is our turn to host a meeting or event in our home, and suddenly we go into overdrive to spruce up home sweet home.

Margaret has certainly had her hands full during the last few years with taking care of ailing parents and successfully battling cancer.  So as she prepared for her sorority meeting, she called upon her friends for help, and what wonderful and creative friends she has.

During the last few weeks, it has been so much fun for me to vicariously enjoy the shopping excursions Margaret, Mrs. Ralph and The Mrs. have had as they spruced up Margaret’s beautiful home.  So many of the changes involved moving items from one space to another and pulling unused objects out of closets.  Then the trio hit the thrift shops, consignment stores, antiques shops, and discount retailers to find additional pretties to fill in the spaces.


I found it interesting that the entry took on a completely new look by simply centering the chest on the wall and hanging the mirror to one side rather than in the middle.


Margaret loves blue, and they were all so excited to find this pretty blue lamp at the thrift shop.  A new shade gave it an updated look.

Margaret copy

This beautiful large tapestry hanging on the dining room wall was found for a good price at a local antique mall.


When Margaret walked past this tapestry, she knew it was what this wall needed.  What a good look!


I love the iron screen in the dining room.  It adds so much interest to this room.


The oak buffet in the dining room is another family piece.  The vintage oil lamps, milk glass cake stand, and tea pots are also pieces Margaret had.


Curved glass on the sides of this buffet is the perfect place to display Margaret’s teapots.


The dining room table was set with gold chargers.


I wonder where they got these beautiful candles.  The pale shade of blue goes perfectly in Margaret’s home.  The candles nestled in the pebbles is a great look, and it is so simple.


I love the wall of clocks in the living room.  If I remember correctly, they only had to buy one of these clocks, and they do make a wonderful statement.


These pictures were in another room, but they compliment the chairs in the living room very well, so they were moved into this space.


The ladder back chairs in this grouping were found at a consignment shop.  These chairs have the look of high end antiques.


The mantle decorations basically came out of the closet.  I believe the iron bicycle was the only item they purchased.  I love the Paris print.  It was a gift to Margaret, and she had never used it.


The drop-leaf table in the corner of the living room holds family pieces.  The antique mirror is from Don’s family, and the painting below it was a special Christmas present from Margaret’s brother.  He had a frame shop in Center, Texas, and this painting by a local artist was for sale in his shop.


The minute Margaret saw this painting, she fell in love with it, and she asked him not to sell it because she loved it so, and she wanted to buy it.  Margaret was pleasantly surprised when she received it as a Christmas gift.  It is beautiful!

I have more to share of Margaret’s lovely home, but that will have to be another post.

It is a good thing to have help from friends when making decorating decisions.  I am ready for them to come to my aid.

Blessings to you and yours,

Have you gotten some decorating ideas from these pictures? I know I have.


3 Responses
  • Marsha on February 20, 2015

    Margaret’s home is lovely. She is fortunate to have the Dynamic Duo as her good friends!

  • gala on February 20, 2015

    Re: the pictures on mantle, table, etc. The strangest thing happened yesterday around 1:30? One of my Bud Biggs paintings that I had sitting on the mantle fell to the floor. And at the same moment there was a notice on the TV screen that something had bothered our satellite dish. We had not felt anything or heard anything, but something had happened. But apparently we were the only house that was disturbed. Perhaps we’re haunted all of a sudden.

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