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Peach Baked Pancake

Posted on: Aug 4, 2014        In: In the Kitchen, Recipes        With: 5 comments
Baked Pancakes
Baked Pancake was a recipe I recently saw on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog.  I could not wait to try it.  Today was the day, and I am here to tell you that the baked pancake was so delicious that I can not wait to share the recipe with you. The Mennonite Girls Can Cook recipe was for an […]

Perini Ranch Green Chili Hominy – Jessica’s Favorite

Posted on: Jul 26, 2014        In: In the Kitchen, Recipes        With: One comment
The official name for this casserole is Jessica’s Favorite Green Chili Hominy, but since I remember it as the hominy casserole from Perini Ranch in Buffalo Gap, Texas, I call it Perini Ranch Green Chili Hominy.  This hominy casserole is seriously good and so easy to make.  It can be made in advance or even […]

Carrot and Craisin Salad – Plus the Father’s Day Menu

Posted on: Jun 17, 2014        In: In the Kitchen, Recipes        With: 2 comments
carrot salad
The menu for our Father’s Day Lunch centered around the foods Ever-Lovin’ loves. We had been to the Saturday’s farmers market and had plenty of veggies to cook.  Basically it was a Southern comfort food type of meal. For those who are interested, here was our menu: Meatloaf Carrot Salad (recipe to follow) Cucumber Salsa […]

The Dove’s Nest Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

Posted on: Jun 9, 2014        In: In the Kitchen, Recipes        With: 2 comments
On our day trip to Waxahachie, Super Sister and I ate at The Dove’s Nest – an excellent restaurant located downtown Waxahachie on the square.  We succumbed and ordered the Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie for dessert. Sweet Mother of Pearl.  It was full of chocolate, pecans and had a subtle hint of bourbon.  Yummy!  Marsha […]

Never Fail Pie Crust – A+ in Cooking

Posted on: Jun 4, 2014        In: In the Kitchen, Recipes        With: 2 comments
pie crust
This is the recipe that I have used forever – even before my mother’s cookbook – A+ in Cooking. First, my sweet cousin LaNell gave me a version of this recipe while I was dating Ever-Lovin’. Then I have at the same version of the recipe from Mother via Ann Sears via Mrs. Joe Morgan.  (Do you […]

Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies

Posted on: Apr 21, 2014        In: In the Kitchen, Recipes        With: One comment
cowboy cookies
Excellent Cook Nancy brought Friend BB some cookies – Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies to be exact.  Mrs. Ralph ate one of said cookies, and declared it the best cookie she had ever eaten.  Mrs. Ralph did not mention said cookie just one time, I bet she mentioned it a bazillion times (Okay, I exaggerate.) but….  I […]

Orange Muffins

Posted on: Mar 25, 2014        In: In the Kitchen, Recipes        With: One comment
orange muffins
Thought it was time I shared the Orange Muffin recipe that I made for the ADK meeting.  (I promised I would.)  This recipe is a recipe from Helen Corbitt.  It is easy to make and delicious.  I like these muffins because they keep well, and you can even freeze them. I was reminded of this […]

Tea Time Tassies (Mini Pecan Pies) – A+ in Cooking Project

Posted on: Mar 7, 2014        In: Gatherings        With: No comments
pecan tart
Food memories can just make my day.  I remember the first time I tasted Mini Pecan Pies.  To say that they made a lasting impression is an understatement.  It was a  gathering at Marie Stobaugh’s home.  I thought the little tarts she made that were filled with pecan pie filling were about the best thing […]


Posted on: Feb 2, 2014        In: In the Kitchen, Recipes        With: 3 comments
It was weird.  For our Super Bowl gathering, we had bruschetta.  Now, that is not weird in itself, but what was weird was – This Italian appetizer is not usually served with Frito Pie.  Our menu was rather typical for a Super Bowl gathering – Pigs in the blanket, Frito pie, and all the trimmings […]

Lemon-Lime Pound Cake

Posted on: Jan 29, 2014        In: In the Kitchen        With: One comment
On the cover of the February 2014 Southern Living Magazine, is the picture of a Lemon-Lime Pound Cake. For Carmen’s birthday party, Carmen’s niece’s husband (or would that be Carmen’s nephew-in-law, or Carmen’s sister’s son-in-law or…I am sure there are other possibilities) made this Lemon-Lime Pound Cake.  It was just as pretty as the cake […]